This Christmas help someone Connect to their Soul and get a free scan yourself!

December is here and we are all thinking about Christmas presents. If you are looking for a creative and zero-waste idea, look no further. Why not giving the gift of a healing session?

A transformative experience; one that will help the beneficiary to Connect to their Soul and set them on the path of true wellbeing. And… you even get a free scan yourself!

2020 is bound to stay in our memories, we have all been through so much this year, so why not end it on a positive note? I have decided to make Christmas Gift Certificates available, as in: you can actually gift someone a session with me!

Sessions can be arranged in person or at a distance. Remember that distance means nothing, you can give this gift to everybody in the world, they don’t need to come in person to Galway. And, since I thought that more often than not we tend to forget to look after ourselves, I have this sorted our for you: you gift someone the Connect to Your Soul session and you get a free “scan” for yourself.

If you are wondering what a scan is, let me explain it briefly. The first step in a healing session is always an overview of the etherical copy of the body. In this, I get a picture of what is going on at a physical level and the areas that need addressing. In a full session, I then treat and go on to the energy, mind and so on. So, in this case, you would get the scan for free. You give a present, I give YOU a present!

The vouchers can be sent via email or posted via Anpost. I promise you they do look pretty too; I have also left a space on the back for your personal message!

If you are interested get in touch.

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