My Story

I discovered my Gift in my late teens. At the end of a yoga class I had attended, we were asked to pair up, identify a place of pain in one another and try to  “heal” it, channelling our breath.

I closed my eyes and said “There is something white that should not be there, that’s the reason you are feeling pain.” The person I was talking to was astonished; she explained she had an extra bone in her ankle and that, yes, was the cause for her pain. You can check, by the way, it is called Os Trigonum Syndrome.

I wasn’t surprised. As far as I was able to remember I had always had a strong “sixth sense” about people or places. I had (still have) also very vivid memories of past lives too – some were with me from the very beginning, others came later during dream work and meditation. Nature has also always spoken profoundly to me; even today it is the only place when I am truly at home. To be honest, seeing inside bodies didn’t seem impossible or such a far fetched idea to me. So I accepted it as it was: a Gift.

My mum only recently told me she found me spooky as a child, “You were always so quiet, and yet so attentive. It looked as if you were taking everything in, yet you did not talk much.” I understand now that I was observing and listening to something I had no name for.

I remember when I was 12, my siblings and I were fooling around with a Ouija Board. I had never even seen one before, it was supposed to be a novelty for me.  We were sitting in circle, four of us and decided to invoke a recently deceased auntie. The lights flicked on and out a couple of times – in a very sunny afternoon and with no obvious electricity problem. They all got really scared and fled the room. I stayed; it didn’t feel right to leave her standing, so I thank her and asked her to go back to where she had come from. I left only when I felt sure the energy of the circle had dissipated.

Nobody had taught me. I had had no proper training. Yet I knew. People later told me those were signs that I had a Gift.

But a Gift is only what you make of it. In my twenties I read and studied a lot; my interest was voracious: crystal therapy, Theosophy and Anthroposophy, energy work – raging from pranotherapy to Reiki and, later, Theta Healing, alchemy, Spagyria, symbolism, ancient religions, matrilinear and gylanic societies, tribal societies and spirituality, secret societies and their practices, pagan practices… I filled my mind with knowledge. They were all paths to knowledge, a way to understand the structure behind the Veil. I was looking for a key.

I came later to understand that the way we see and interpret the world are all metaphors for our language and our world lack what is needed to express reality as a whole. The more metaphors we understand, the more stories we collect the easier is to communicate what is behind the Veil in a truly personally meaningful way. And so I read on. Yet the hardest lesson was to trust my Intuition, to let go of the Mind.

I started being active as an Intuitive Healer during my late twenties, treating people of all ages, including children; and more recently also pets. To understand better what I See, I studied anatomy and phisiology and to help the body “bottom up” I studied Western herbalism and nutrition.

I strongly believe health can be achieved both ways: via the phisical body (matter) or via the energetic fields (energy). We manifest matter as an expression of ourselves, ignoring it would do us no good. This is a reason why to maximise results, I like to work on all strata.

My Gift can help me see what is out of balance inside your body, both the physical manifestation and its energetic strata(1). I then help your body to bring the balance back. There are times during a session, when I get contacted by your Guides, who might pass messages along for you; or when I will have to clean your energetic body from etherical interferences. I always endevour to explain what I See and do. You can read more about how a session with me works here. 

(1) I don’t like the word “level” as in our minds evokes something that is higher (and therefore more important) and something lower (and therefore less important). You can read more about this in my blog.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde