How does a session work?

Usually everything starts with a chat, so that I can get an understanding of why you have come to see me. There are people that prefer not to disclose anything at the beginning and that is ok too. Please remember that everything that you share during a session and what I will tell you will be kept confidential, except for law requirements and/or if you ask/authorise me to share it.

During the session you can expect to remove your shoes and lie down in a serene and calm atmosphere and relax. I would recommend to wear something comfy, but that is not a special requirement. You can choose to drift away following the background music or to remain fully alert. My hands will simply hover around 15-20cm above your body. People have reported feeling warm or cold or feeling like a breath of air caressing them or… nothing. Each person is unique and each session is unique so for everybody is a different experience.

I will start with scanning the etherical copy of your body, proceeding from the Root Chakra and going to the Crown and further, if that’s the case.

I will then go on checking the etherical strata. I will refer to you what I See and discuss its implications. Sometimes your Guide(s), or dear loved ones behind the Veil make an appearance and I might be passing onto you their messages. Besides energy work, I might use also crystals or essential oils and I might suggest adjustments to your diet or herbs that might be beneficial. For this reason it is important you bring with you any relevant medical record and a list of medicine you are taking – whether they are prescribed or not.

During the session, I will work to remove energy blockages, adjust the energy flow, bringing your body into harmony, supporting your body natural abilities. I will enhance your own awareness and connection to your soul. This will have effects on you as a whole, from your physical body to the etherical strata.

Afterwards you might find yourself relaxed or more alert. Please bear in mind that it takes a while for the body to absorb what has happened and manifest the change.

Sessions are individual, but there might be occasions when sessions are 4 hands ones – you can read more about it below.

If you want to bring your young child(ren) along to be present or assist during the session is ok, but please inform me beforehand when you book your appointment.

Contact me to start on your path to connect with your soul!


4 Hands Sessions

Some of my sessions are held at four hands and I will be helped by my daughter. She is, in a way, my trainee. We have chosen to unschool her from the start – it just suited our lifestyle better – and she gets to be involved in our lives fully. In this case, it means she will decide whether to join us during the session or not. She has been doing this for few years now, and she can be highly professional. However, if you are not comfortable with having a young one during your session, please do let me know and I can arrange things differently.