Mission and Vision

My aim is for you to regain your balance and wellbeing; to get in touch with your body, all of it, to give you an understanding of how it works and how you can – positively – affect it. I want you to have a better control over what you are manifesting. My aim is for you to be able to connect with your soul and to hear the messages you are receiving.

I want you to remember who you really are, why you are here, why you have chosen this path and how to change it should you want to (nothing is EVER written in stone). I want to help you achieve balance and give you the tools you need to get yourself fully back and help you in this process.

My vision is to empower you so that I am no longer needed. Depending on the reasons you are coming to see me, you might have to come back a couple of times to achieve a better result. My vision, however, is not for you to come weekly – or monthly. I want you to be in charge of your body, your health and the life you are manifesting so that you are in the driver seat. You might, of course, come back and you would be welcomed at pivotal moments in your life. But don’t expect me to do all the work: once you are in touch your soul you will be conscious of where you are heading and you will have to act accordingly. 

They said about me:

When you treat me I can feel my toes.

P.C. paralysed from chest down.

Since Marta entered my life, I have literally been saved and am no longer afraid. I used to be scared by different things and my future seemed to me always bleak. Marta has helped me to solve important blockages and to look at the future, the world, the universe and everything that the naked eye misses with a different perspective.


Marta helped me solving the problem I contacted her for. She has been very sensitive, attentive and insightful. Thanks Marta!

D. F.

I have to thank a colleague for getting me in touch with Marta! It has been the most beautiful and enjoyable thing that could happen to me. I had been feeling not well – both physically and within myself – for such a very long time. For Marta I was a stranger; she had no way to know what she later told me. She asked me to lie on a massage bed, encircled my body in crystals, rubbed her hands and passed them above my body. I got a feeling that a strange magnetic force was filling me, and, passing through my body, was looking for all my maladies. That’s precisely what happened. I have to admit I was speechless when, after stopping over a few of my body areas, Marta was able to pinpoint all my illnesses but also old times traumas that only I had been aware of. I was shocked listening to her, because everything was really true. Beside this Gift she has in her hands, she is very knowledgeable in herbs and, after suggesting me herbs, most of my problems have really improved. Marta has become my Angel!

Barbara P.
Marta is highly professional, very knowledgeable, attentive and, moreover, honest. What I really want to highlight is her availability, you can always count on her, even from a distance she is there for you. 
I would recommend Marta to everyone that  wishes to be helped in a natural way. Adults and children alike.
Laura Marini

You can read about how a session with me works here.