My commitment to you

My objective is to create a partnership between me and you. No results can be achieved without change and no real change can be initiated without respect, understanding and trust.

I don’t focus only on the physical body, but I pay attention to all strata: physical, emotional, mind and spiritual to reach your soul. 

I am not against allopathic medicine, yet, when possible, I always strive for a natural alternative. My approach is to create wellness, more than treat an ailment. 

I strive to:

  • give you the best information, based on my experience, my studies and my Intuition
  • NOT to suggest alternative/complementary treatments for my personal financial gain
  • keep communication open, answering your questions before and after our session. Should it be not possible for me to answer at length, I will suggest books or other means for you to get the answers you are seeking.
  • suggest you to consult others should I feel I am not the right practitioner for you.