Intuitive Healing

My work supports your body in its ability to heal; it is safe for all ages and can complement standard medical care. Connecting to your soul allows you to get more in touch with your true self and it helps you on your road to emotional, mental, and spiritual full well-being.

My clients over the years have reported, among others, the following benefits:

  • better sleep
  • improved response and recover from drug therapy. If you are undertaking chemotherapy, please do get in touch for a free introducing session and to be added to the list of people receiving regular distant group sessions. 
  • increased vitality
  • improved acute and chronic conditions
  • reduced pain
  • reduced stress
  • deeper spiritual connection
  • increased positivity
  • increased sense of purpose and courage in living their own truth
  • enhanced general sense of well-being. 
  • a deep sense of relaxation.

Noises and the barking of a dog 
come in through the open window; with a breeze
that moves on your naked arms, on your forehead.
If you close your eyes you feel it on your eyelids
and it seems the moving hand of someone 
that loves you and all the pain of the world goes away
with your eyes closed, while the hand is moving.
And it is you and your breath inside the breeze
and you stay put and trust as a newborn

Pierluigi Cappello – translated by Marta Dorigo Salamon

Entrano i rumori e l’abbaiare di un cane
dalla finestra aperta; con una brezza che passa
sulle tue braccia nude, sulla fronte.
Se chiudi gli occhi la senti sulle palpebre
e sembra la mano di chi ti vuole bene
a passare e tutto il male del mondo va via
con gli occhi chiusi mentre passa la mano.

E sei tu e il tuo respiro dentro alla brezza
e stai fermo e ti fidi come una pace
appena nata.

Pierluigi Cappello, Cassacco, agosto 2017 – pubblicata in Un Prato in Pendio, Tutte le poesia 1192-2017, BUR, Milano, 2018