Space Clearing

There are a number of situations you might want to have a space clearing.

You might want to clear your house or flat before selling or renting it, for example, to ensure a smooth transition for the people coming to live in it. Or you might want to clear your newly acquired property to ensure you can feel at ease and to erase the odd feelings you might have regarding a particular room or corner into your home. 

On the etherical plane everything that happens leaves a residue – in the walls but even in the furniture or objects that lie around; this is why you find yourself happy sometimes when you enter a room, sad or tired with no apparent personal reasons. You might also find energetic imprints of ancestors or people who lived in that place before you. 

During a session I clear and revitalize the energies in a space, whether it is a building, a flat or a room and I protect it. I also give you suggestions on how to keep the protection on and the energies aligned and attuned to you and your life. 

Space clearing will contribute to your wellbeing by making you feel more welcome into your space and truly at home. It will give you a place where you can truly relax and replenish your energy levels. 

Generally, I would recommend to have a space clearing once a year – more often only if something happens that heavily disturb the renewed balance of the place.