Distance Means Nothing

Recently during a chat, when I said I was a healer I got a skeptical reaction… but not the most common reasons (aka I don’t believe you). The skepticism – or rather puzzlement – was because the listener thought I could not operate if not in person, so when I mentioned that I do distant healing sessions they looked, well, skeptic.

So I thought I owe you a little explanation.

I love doing the sessions in person. I love establishing a connection with a smile, a hand shake (both of these, by the way, seem very thin on the ground these days) and it is heart warming to see the moment when something I say clicks and touches a person’s heart.

Yet distance is really not a problem. Distant healing works and is still a beautiful process.
When in person I get centred and then I hover my hands above my client’s body, following the chakras – because I use these as a gateway if you want, a way to connect with the person. This normally elicits a physical response; there might be shivers, a warm feeling on the skin, bowel contractions (no joke)… as I go along, I talk about what I am doing and what I am Seeing. There is live communication – back and forth, which I love.

But, you see, although I use my hands during the session, I don’t See through my hands. I suppose I could say I See with my mind, or, to borrow well known terms, with the Third Eye, or, from yet another tradition, I use the Sight. So, no, my hands are not really necessary and I don’t need to be near you, within my hands’ reach to treat you.

Distance means nothing. Not because I am incredibly powerful, but because we are all connected. There are several approaches that gives you a way to operate in this framework, for example the Akashic records, or Reiki. It does not matter what kind of visualisation you use. I am a strong believer in choosing whatever visualisation suits you.

I believe we are ll part of what you might call Universe, Being, Spirit, God – what I call Goddess. To me, we are all, and I mean literally everybody and everything, like a living, loving, breathing organism. So distance does not matter any more than the distance between your arm and your leg.

So, overall. I might miss the direct interaction, and jumping in and out to take notes is not necessarily my favourite thing, but distance sessions work and can still be a deeply moving – and healing – experience.

If you have any doubts, just pop me a message. Don’t miss you, book your session!

(It goes without saying that, if you are in Galway, we can arrange a in-person healing session. 😉 )

Original photo by Kyle Goetsch on Unsplash

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