Tornado Distant Healing Sessions or why notebooks and pencils are handy

I am grateful for my Gift and thankful that I can give distant healing sessions, so that I am able to help no matter where the person is. Normally I do the session – this takes me between 40-45 minutes and an hour then I have a chat with the person involved. I schedule an hour for the chat, but prefer to reserve more an hour and a half, as most times things run over and I don’t like having to rush to close conversations.

Sometimes, though, things go faster.

I called these the “tornado” sessions – mostly because I feel like a tornado myself when I talk fast.

A few days ago, I realised this happens when the physical condition is not heavy, when it can be solved mostly by treating the etherical strata. So, conversations mostly center on feelings, fear, what the Soul told me during the session. There is, of course, always a chat about the physical body, since it reacts to whatever we feel, believe, and we feed it with, but it does not take long to explain when it is mostly emotions, mind reactions and so on.

In these situations, conversations are brief and to the point. And I find myself wondering “Have I just blurted everything out too fast?”. After all, each “revelation” has its own implications – and its own emotions attached. This is why I called these the “tornado sessions”, where I can feel the dizziness, the chocked back tears, the stifled “aha”, and yet I simply rattle on. I do that because, from an eagle’s point of view, the map is clear, you can See the ups and downs, you can understand why at that fork the person went right… and so I find myself retelling the journey, explaining and connecting the dots – maybe a bit too fast – to give a picture as vast as possible, and – also – as a way to convey the marvel of it all. Because, in all of this, I deeply empathise with the journey, and there is no space for judgement. Each Soul is unique, no path is alike and they are all… splendid.

The end of a “tornado session” is always a “And that’s all. Is there any question?”. Mostly the answer is “No, you gave me a lot to ponder about.” And sometimes a coffee (or cup of tea) or a follow up chat actually follow. In any case, if you decide to book a distant healing session… a notebook and a pencil are great tools to have at a hand! And please, do let me know it I talk too fast!

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