On Reassurance and Trust – Channelling Received on 20/06/2020

A few days ago I was pondering how more often than not what we look for when we Ask for Answers is, actually, reassurance. We just want to be told that “everything will be ok”. This is per se is absolutely ok. Things will always turn out to be ok; we might not see it in the immediate future, but, in the end, we will see things will have turned out to be really ok. While I musing over this, I Received this:

“Reassurance does not come cheap. You earn it by Trusting”.

And I thought back to all the times when I did not Ask for answers because I was in a turmoil and I didn’t feel capable of actually listening, and so I had decided to simply Trust. Which was, I can grant you, not easy. It has been probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. But I did cling to that Trust and that Trust carried me through one of the hardest periods of my life.

More often than not when we think about something, a situation we are facing, a change we are dreading, an opportunity we are seeking we have already created a picture of the outcome. We already have a hope, a dream in our hearts. When we Ask during those times we just want, indeed, reassurance.

And we need to be prepared to let that reassurance come through… by Trusting. This does not mean “doing nothing”, it means, on the contrary, doing a lot of work, a lot of preparation in order for our plan to come to fruition. And then… let go. Trust that you have given it all and that no matter the outcome you will be ok.

A few days after my musings and the channelled message I Received, I found this:
“Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark.” Tagore

May you always Feel the Light before you see it.

And when you don’t… Connect to your Soul and get back on track.

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