Group distance healing sessions: on witnessing emotions, Peace and Love

I started giving free sessions in mid-March and daily (admittedly not always at the appointed 6 pm), I Connected to each one of the participants and I shared their space. In a few cases, I received personal messages and shared them privately. I aimed to Share my Peace and support the group on their individual journeys during these weird times (I try not to use the word “difficult” or “bad”, because I think the journey has plenty of bumps, but is meant to be enjoyed in its entirety, so weird it is).


There has been loneliness. Social distancing surely created this, but it was not only the fact of being alone. Some of us were and are ok with being on our own (hello fellow introverts!), but others are struggling. Technology can help but it’s no substitute for a hug, for your hand held in another’s. The lack of support has also been massive for a lot of us; not only parents have found themselves in an unprecedented situation, but also many of us have not found the support they needed for their mental health.

There has also been the experience of the loneliness of the mind, if you want, the inability to find someone to exchange how we were truly feeling, our thoughts and our view of the world. This experience has polarised many opinions, thus drawing a line in many friendships. Accepting free will – and its very varied uses – is massive. Yet, we are, each one of us, free; and yes, some of us will choose a path we don’t agree with. Respect is key – and Empathy; because, after all, we are all one, we are of the same. Several seeds were planted though and I believe new tribes and new connections will emerge. Trust this journey.

Anger and Fear

There has been Anger. Anger is such a powerful force. It can drive us to act, to change our situation. We cannot let Anger consume us, driving us into a rage. We can still, even in the midst of confusion, choose Peace. Choose kindness whenever possible, it is always possible, said someone.

And then I found Fear. So pervasive, so strong, so all consuming. Fear is meant to help us stay alive but a life in Fear, is it worth living? The fear of Death can paralise us, yet we can use it as a reminder to be here and now. To be present. Death is very much part of this journey, not as an end but as a gate, a passage. It is such a powerful moment of our existence. Wouldn’t it be beautiful if we were to reach a place where we would not fear it? The parting of a veil just means another view, after all.

Sharing Peace

During the sessions I held hands, and heard people squeezing my hand back in reply. I patted people’s backs and hugged them. Most of all I have been there, a witness to the participants’ emotions and I held their space. There is no way to cure emotions; they are meant to be heard and lived and let go. They are messengers from our Souls, signals regarding the situation we are in. And so, after being a witness, I have Called for Peace and Love – which is a cliché, but it’s really all that is needed to carry us through.

I have shared with the group the Peace that I get when I look at a wild animal, when I look up at the sky and at a dandelion on the pavement. The Peace I get when I inhale deeply and I Feel the Love of our Great Mother. The Peace of the ocean – which can soar and then cuddle you within a few heartbeats. The Peace of a Tree which simply Is, because it knows its role, knows its roots are deep in the earth and knows its branches are reaching for the sky; a Tree knows it is here, yet not only here.

I have shared the Love I Feel (and Get), when I connect with our Great Mother; the warm embrace, the hands that dry my tears, the neverending hug that holds me entirely, in my gloriousness and in my messiness. The unconditional, neverending, all sustaining Love that is our genetic make up.

So here I am. The group sessions are ongoing – as much as possible I will carry everyone in my heart, hands and soul and I will go on Feeling and Sharing. With indeed, Peace and Love.



ps: in the midst of all of this, I am still available for personal distant healing session and card reading sessions, if you would more information or to book one just pop me a message.

Photo by Aleksandr Ledogorov on Unsplash

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