Distant healing sessions: the weirdest conversations you are going to have

Intuitive healing session done remotely should receive an award for possibly the weirdest conversations you will ever have.

Distance healing sessions normally go like this: we book an appointment, the healing session starts one hour roughly before the appointment then at the time of the appointment there’s a phone – or video – call, via Skype, WhatsApp, Messenger… whichever is convenient. The hour before the appointment, you are free; you can relax and have a cuppa while I work, or you can go on doing your normal activities. While I work I take notes which we then go through during our call.

Disclaimer: I do try to follow my notes while I relate what I found and done, but it doesn’t always work. You see, during the session, I start with the etheric copy of your body, then I look at the other strata – emotions, mind, energy… So in theory first of all I should relate everything regarding your physical body; when the sessions are in person this is easily done, because I can speak while I am working.

In distant healing session things are different, because, you see, the strata are not independent, so something on the physical body can appear linked to emotions, or to the energy levels; or maybe one of your Guides has told me something to help me better help you…  Basically, when I relate what I have found and done, the conversation might seem a little bit all over the place.

So, do you wanna have a laugh?

During a distance healing session lately, after speaking for a while about emotions, the importance of living from the heart and other amiable matters, I just found myself blurting out “Right, you have a blockage in your intestine. Are your bowels movements regular?”.

They were not, of course; but that was quite an awkward change of subject, I grant you.


We should never forget that first of all the body is as sacred as everything else. We are not our bodies, that is true; yet our bodies are the gardens of our souls, so to speak, and should be treated with respect.

It would do us good to remember that everything that we have materialised has left a trace/origin on the etheric strata and the same is true for the other way around, everything we go through on the etheric strata will find a physical manifestation, unless we address it.

So next time during our distant healing session when I blurt something out that seem somewhat not appropriate, let’s just share a laugh. After all, emotions and our intestines are so close related and laughing is therapeutic!

Photo by MI PHAM on Unsplash

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