We Contain the Entire Universe: as above so below

It is all inside, as in we contain the entire Universe. As above so below, goes the old adage.

When I get centred before the healing sessions, the process starts with me, as an “I” in the here and now, yet I soon loose track of “me”. To me the process of Connecting – and then Healing – goes through an expansion. The “I” all but disappear and I am, well, everything. Not as in my ego expands; it is quite the contrary, it is feeling like belonging to a much bigger ocean, like a drop going back to the sea. It is dissolving and finding yourself again in a very (very) different way.

At the end of the session, when I “get back”, I always feel like a part of me is missing, yet not missing. It is inside me and all around me and I am there and here at the same time.

I always emerge with a renewed awed at the beauty of everything, with a renewed respect and love for all living beings (and I mean literally, including rocks and trees and plants and everything that we normally perceive as inanimate). Humbled and loved.

And sometimes with glittering tears at the corner of my eyes.

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