I will not discriminate

I took a break – you might have noticed the Facebook page and the blog have been silent for a month now. I had to take some time to sort things through and I have been pondering for a while now whether to write about this here – and how to write about this.

On an emotional level the past month has been intense. I just still find it hard to accept the idea that medical apartheid is here.

I mean, obviously is here; that much is clear. What I am still finding hard to accept is the fact that people seem to accept it.

Bear with me. The shots (and technically they are not va(*ines, but let’s leave this aside) are not designed to prevent transmission – they are designed to reduce symptoms. There might be effects on transmissions, but so far it looks as if people that are fully va(*ed are still contagious. So basically, an idea like the Green Pass could only be comprehended as a way to incentive va(*ination uptake.

I don’t agree with the idea of a Green Pass – at all. Primarily because it is crude. It is crude because it simplifies the entire situation to a two stance “battle”: va(*inated vs unva(*inated. It is, of course, also ridiculous because honestly such “battle” has no reason to exist but that is another matter. Point is that it leaves out completely people that cannot take the va(*ine and people that have developed natural immunity (unless they have had a positive PCR test, followed by a negative PCR test – but it also appears those records have actually disappeared in the latest cyber attack? Would love to have this confirmed, btw).

As it is, the Green Pass creates a social pressure to take the shot in order to feel “free” to enjoy a social life. There is also the question as to whether it is actual freedom scanning/showing your medical status in order to access a pub, but I guess everybody has their own perception on this matter.

In any case, for me, taking a medicine should always be a personal choice, possibly based also on a personal risk assessment, but, yes, a personal choice – ideally with no such social pressure.

Now in Ireland it appears an average of 90% of currently eligible people chose the va(*ine, so it appears the incentive worked.

So why in the plans to ease restrictions it is not dropped at all? Why the plan seems to put pressure on venues to leave out unva(*inated people in order to be able to enjoy a full capacity? (and this after the longest of lockdowns, so in a very tight economic situation) How can this be accepted?

My musings still haven’t given answers.

Yet one thing to me is clear: I am NOT going to ask for your medical information in order to exclude you. I am NOT going to discriminate.

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