Teachers and Seeds of Truth

A teacher cannot give you the truth. The truth is already in you. You only need to open yourself – body, mind, and heart – so that his or her teachings will penetrate your own seeds of understanding and enlightenment.
– Thich Nhat Hanh

This is probably one of the sentences that I feel resonate the most with me.

First of all because I have found, in the twenty odd years that I have been working with my Gift, that you cannot Heal anybody that is not willing.

I used to beat me up, trying to do something for people that, mind you, most of the time were even unaware I was trying to do something. This was, obviously, simply silly on my part, but it took me a while to realise that you cannot do anything unless on the other hand there is someone that is ready to acknowledge that something needs to be done and to work with you.

And second, I found the sentence liberating. Because you see, none of us holds THE Truth to share with others. Truth lies in each of us, sometimes buried, but always etched into our metaphors, in the way we envisage the Universe, in our absolute free will. Each of us holds our seeds of truth. So I can candidly say that don’t aim for anybody to understand that I AM right; I just aim for you to awaken to yourself, to nurture your own seed. Those seeds could develop into beautiful trees, very different from my own and that would be ok too.

Woods are great because several different trees share the space, each tree adding to the beauty of the place. Humanity is not that different, after all.

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