Merry Litha!

Merry Litha everybody!

We have reached midsummer – even though the latest storms brought a bit of a chill. Yet that water was very much needed and it made the plants and Mother Earth so happy! Our balcony garden is truly blooming – maybe even a bit too much, our turnips have exploded; I am guessing it is their way to tell us they are ready to be picked. (It is my first year with turnips, so I am on a learning curve)

Yesterday there was a new moon as well; it is a really powerful moment.

In my family we decided to look at the sunset in Stonehenge yesterday – English Heritage Trust made a lovely live video of the event, and to look at the dawn in Curragh, Co. Kildare, thanks Pagan Federation Ireland!

Sunset and dawn are such magical moments. Looking at the sun emerging from the horizon never ceases to move me; each day is born anew and each day we can make new choices to mark our paths.

In this time, we celebrate how far we have come and what is coming into fruition. So take a moment to pause and look back, think at all the seeds that were planted and now are almost ready to be picked; and rest, at least for a few breaths, in the knowledge that you have done well.


Photo by Toomas Tartes on Unsplash

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