On answers and questions

Photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash

A little while ago, let’s say mid-March 2020, I Asked for answers. It might seem weird, but I have to admit I don’t do that as much. I connect to Nature almost daily in my walks, and the messages I receive are always beautiful, but I very rarely ask questions. I prefer to try to go with the Flow of Life, let myself surrender to the rhythm. There is a big part of Trust in all of this; but something in the latest developments all around the globe disturbed me and so I decided to Ask. The Answer was as simple and as straightforward as “For greed; you have created a reality where money is THAT important.”

And that was it. (I will write another post on the frame of reference that I use to move around on what can be called “spiritual realms”)
Yesterday I felt confused and – for full disclosure – a little bit apprehensive; so I decided to Ask another question “How can we go on?”.
This is what I Received.

“With courage, my Dear Ones. With courage and Love. How many times have you heard this word, Love? You talk about it, yearn for it, long for it, despise it and yet humans show yet a limited understanding of Love.”
And what of Fear? I Asked.
“You exploit Fear. You use it and are used by it. Yet Earth is always there, forever abundant, forever changing, forever cuddling you. Gaia knows Love.”

Last but not least, why am I writing this now? I believe the messages I Receive might be of benefit to somebody else, so I have decided to share them.
There you go.
I hope you receive strength and hope in equal measure so that our path forward might be lighter.

Main photo by Daniel Olah on Unsplash

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