Intuitive healing and pets or how I started treating pets

A few months back we took one of our kittens (at the time she was 5 months old more or less) to the vet. After a very minor accident, i.e. her brother jumped on her during a well rehearsed wrestling session, she had started dragging her hind legs and was clearly in pain. Something was obviously wrong and we took her immediately for a check up. X-ray showed us a broken pelvis and very brittle bones. We didn’t (and still don’t) know the reasons for her fragile bones; the vet mentioned nutrition, but her brother had been eating the same and was very much ok. Point is that with brittle bones she was no candidate for surgery, for which she might have been a candidate, and basically all we could do was put her to cage rest and sort of cross fingers. By the way, cage rage is the normal procedure for fractured pelvis in cats, at least in most cases. Our situation, however, was peculiar due to the bones low density situation. The vet was not optimistic.

She was clearly in pain and I could not stay idle, so I decided to treat her. Aside from the brush and exchange of energy that I get/give every time I get in touch with an animal, the only other time I had properly treated an animal was my dog, several years back, at the moment when he was dying to ease the transition. That was a very moving and enriching experience, but basically one of a kind. I have always been far more familiar with human anatomy; treating animals have never occurred to me – but, then again, I had never been near an animal in pain. How is that for luck?

I decided to treat her times a day, which is a lot, mind you. I had already done it in times of need – like near death, but it is not how I normally practice. Bones, though, are hard to mend; or at least they are hard to mend for us. Our perception of bones – really hard, durable matter, what holds our body up gives us the idea that bones are somewhat fixed – makes them harder to deal with (I will write some more about this sooner or later).

Cats vibrates at much a higher frequency than humans I found, so treatments were quicker: between 10 and 20 minutes at a maximum each, instead of the standard 45 minutes. Plus, most of the times at least, I limited myself to the physical body. The kitten’s reaction was nothing short of amazing: she started purring and kneading as soon as I started the treatment. Cats purr to heal, but she was clearly really relaxed and happy.

Bottom line: she was standing and then walking within five days. Ten days after the diagnosis she was walking confidently, but her right hind leg was out at an odd angle, which indicated that not everything was fixed. Still she must have been in high spirits, because she was already trying to play.

At the check up the vet was stunned. They had really been not that confident regarding her recover, and we had proven them wrong. Soon after the first check up she started protesting the cage rest vigorously; but I did not take any chance and she had to endure the prescribed time. But I had to let her out of her cage for a while during the day… she was literally climbing it freestyle, holding herself up on the ceiling!

Fast forward a month: she was fully recovered; X-ray showed a kitten in full health with a perfect bone density. Another plus? She hasn’t stopped kneading and purring every time she climbs into my lap.

So, if you have a pet in need, do get in touch. As it turns out, intuitive healing helps animals as well.

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